Top 10 Tips to Crack SSB Interview

Every year, Lakhs of candidates appear for written exams like NDA (National Defence Academy) and CDS (Combined Defence Services) etc. If you have cleared the written NDA exam then you have to appear for SSB or Service Selection Board interview. It is said that a fresher candidate has the brightest chances of clearing the SSB interview.
So let us checkout some of the Top 10 Tips to Crack SSB Interview.
It is important to know what you have to go through.

What is SSB?

The Service Selection Board (SSB), set up by the Ministry of Defence, undertakes the SSB Interview to evaluate prospective candidates for recruitment in the Army, Navy and Air Force. The criteria on which the candidates are assessed include intelligence, personality, compatibility, and potential.  Cracking SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview is an easy task if one must follow the right guidelines for SSB Interview preparations under the right guidance.

Here are some Important Tips & tricks one must Implement & practice these steps.
For sure, you will be able to crack the Interview.

You have to go through 5 tough days.

The tests are conducted in two parts i.e. Stage I & Stage II.
The tests help the selection authority to decide whether a candidate has the qualities of becoming an officer or not. The Officer like qualities (OLQ). These qualities are Effective Intelligence, sense of responsibility, initiative, judgment (under stress), the ability to reason and organize, communication skills, determination, courage, self-confidence, speed in decision-making, willingness to serve the country with Loyalty.


After the candidates are shortlisted for the SSB Interview. A Candidate will receive a letter by the postal services. After you receive the call letter pan your journey accordingly.

The Five Main SSB Interview Categories:

Day 1: Screening Test
Screening test includes three parts in it. i.e. Intelligence Test, Picture Perception, and Description Test, Discussion of the Picture.

Day 2: Physiological Test
This happens on the day two. The test is divided into four parts i.e. Thematic Perception Test, Word Association Test, Situation Reaction Test, Self Description Test.

Day 3 & Day 4: Group Testing Officer’s tests and Interview

In this test, your ground skills are checked.

  • GDS
  • Military Planning Exercise
  • Progressive Group Task
  • Half Group Task
  • Final Group Task
  • Lecturettee
  • Command Task
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Snake Race

Then the interviews of all the remaining candidates take place within these two days.

Day5: Conference and Results Declaration

On the final day, you do not have to do anything. Just you have to wait for the result.

If you are selected then congratulations otherwise do not break your heart prepare for the next time.
Hopefully, these interview techniques would help you to crack one of the toughest government job interviews in our country.

Remember miracle does not happen there.

Tips to Crack SSB Interview:

  • Consider the Important details regarding the SSB Interview Test & Procedure
    Candidate must be aware of the Interview test & procedure of SSB as it is not like a regular interview. There will be a series of tests conducted across five days as mentioned above. Learn more details about the various tests you’ll face.
  • Follow the Best Practices as practice makes the man perfect
    The more you practice, the more you will stay up with confident and as much you will try you will get clear with all of your mistakes and will get overcome with all your insecurities like as communication and speaking flawlessly and fluently.
  • Join The Coaching for SSB Interview preparations
    Many of us got Confused whether or not to Join any coaching institute for SSB Interview preparations. If you are a beginner having no idea about what the SSB Procedure is, you must surely join SSB Interview coaching. However coaching is avoidable for those who have somebody to guide them, somebody who has a good knowledge about SSB Procedure.
  • Positive Thinking:
    Candidates who are going for SSB interviews must have such a Positive attitude and be thinking so that you can think differently from other in a better way and can get positives out of each and every thing.
  • Current Affairs
     A candidate preparing for SSB Interview must be aware of what is happening in your surroundings, in your nation, and in the world. No superficial knowledge will be worth, get to know the things in detail. Have strong view points towards the cases and be ready for a good debate with the Interviewing officer on the GK things. Be a regular reader of the newspaper and don’t miss even the minute’s details.
  • Build Your Confidence Level
    In Military or Defense Services the only thing which really makes the Difference as They are only looking for a Confident personality and a person who is capable of making Tough Decisions in every situation.
  • Physical Fitness
     Working on your fitness is the only thing which is most probably be very much handy while you are going for SSB. As You have to show your physical strength and stamina during the Medical testing.
  • Most Importantly
    Here are some common topics like- India, Indian Politics, History of India, India and its current affairs, Armed Forces in India etc. Questions about these topics are almost always asked during personal interviews, group discussion etc. 
    Make sure that you read and study these topics extensively.
  • Stay Honest, Simple & Be Yourself
    Having these traits will help you greatly during the personal interview and the whole SSB thing. Be honest while filling out PIQ form. Don’t brag about things you never did! Bragging and lying will come back to haunt you during an interview! Don’t try to act smart. Be your normal self. Acting like somebody else will do more harm than good.
  • Be Aware Of the Tough Climate, Product Time Management Accordingly
    It is essential to know the climatic conditions early on and practice accordingly. For example, consider the SSB interview held at Allahabad in January. At that time, the place would be too cold. January cold, at Allahabad, you won’t be able to write fast because of ‘cold and frozen’ hands!

Practicing and implementing these tips will definitely help you crack SSB interview!
Good Luck for your Preparations.

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