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We at Chandigarh Academy believe that lack of money should never become a reason to stop learning. That’s why we have come up with an ambitious scholarship program that rewards both the financially weak individuals and those who have showcased their extraordinary skills in the fields of sports, academics and social work.

Chandigarh Academy’s scholarships make are affordable courses more economical for people from all sections of the society. So make the most of this opportunity today and apply for our scholarship right away.

Chandigarh Academy Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program is aimed at providing quality education and training in the field of Defense Entrance Exams, Govt. Entrance Exams, Nursing Exams and other competitive tests to each individual, regardless of their financial and societal status. Our scholarships reduce the course fee by up to 90%, implying that you can learn all modern-day industry-oriented technologies and tools. Individuals belonging to the general public category can take up our scholarship test to avail the benefits. All those who meet one of the following criteria can make the most out of our scholarship program:

  • Financially weaker sections
  • Orphans
  • Physically challenged
  • Individuals who have demonstrated their skills in academics, sports and social work
  • Immediate family members of martyred defence servicemen (Army, Air force, Navy, etc.)
  • Individuals from the general public who have passed our scholarship test

To apply for our scholarship, please fill this short form. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our education counsellor at +91 99151 09266 for more details.

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099151 09266