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Learning: Current Affairs

Current Affairs 17-08-2018

  1. Which committee has been constituted by the Central government to coordinate the discharge of floodwaters from Kerala-Tamil Nadu inter-State projects?

[A] Narendra Kumar committee
[B] Kirti Sharma committee
[C] Ajit Doval committee
[D] M S Das committee Continue reading

Current Affairs 16-08-2018

  1. Which Bollywood personality has become the brand ambassador for Government of India (GoI)’s road safety awareness campaign?

[A] Amitabh Bachchan
[B] Anushka Sharma
[C] Deepika Padukone
[D] Akshay Kumar Continue reading

Current Affairs 15-08-2018

  1. On which date, the 2018 World Organ Donation Day (WODD) has been observed recently?

[A] August 11
[B] August 13
[C] August 14
[D] August 12 Continue reading

Current Affairs 14-08-2018

  1. Justice Manjula Chellur, who has been appointed as new chairperson of Appellate Tribunal for Electricity was previously chief justice of which high court?

[A] Jammu & Kashmir High Court
[B] Punjab & Haryana High Court
[C] Bombay High Court
[D] Gujarat High Court Continue reading

Current Affairs 12,13-08-2018

  1. The ‘Tatkal sewa’ for property registration is a proposed initiative of which state government?

[A] Punjab
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Maharashtra
[D] Assam Continue reading

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