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CPSS Coaching in Chandigarh

Computerized Pilot Selection System Test also known as CPSS test will be replacing the well known PABT test to select the best candidates for Indian air force flying branch. 

Computerised Pilot Selection System Coaching in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Academy provide the best training in CPSS Exam.

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What is Computerised pilot selection system?

Computerized Pilot Selection System Test also known as CPSS test will be replacing the well known PABT test to select the best candidates for Indian air force flying branch. Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS) will replace the old PABT test and instruments that was in use for decades.

What is CPSS in Afcat?

The CPSS test (formerly PABT) is conducted for those who want to become a pilot in the Indian armed forces. … The CPSS test is designed to check the candidate’s reflexive capabilities in response to external stimuli

Only one chance in CPSS Test

Like PABT test, candidate will get only one chance to clear the CPSS test, if failed, would never be eligible for flying in the armed forces, be it Air force, army, navy or coast guard. Aspirants will get only one chance to take the test under the Computerized Pilot Selection System.

CPSS places special emphasis on psychomotor skills and cognitive abilities of aspirants. It ensures objectivity in results. The system will be used to screen pilots for IAF, Army, Navy and the Coast Guard.

what is CPSS Test Computerized Pilot Selection System

  • To select the rock solid pilots to fly the advanced aircraft of Indian air force like Su-30, Tejas etc, the Indian Air Force (IAF) inaugurated the Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS) at the No. 2 Air Force Selection Board Mysore. It will replace the pilot aptitude battery test that was in use for decades.
  • CPSS test is the brainchild of APJ Abdul Kalam, he advised for CPSS when he was scientific adviser of the prime minister in 1997. Mr. Kalam suggested to develop an intelligent tool for pilot aptitude test in consonance with the advanced IAF aircrafts.
  • It also aims at addressing the alarming rate of flying accidents attributed to pilot error in IAF.
  • After dedicating the new system to the nation, Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha said CPSS would be introduced in the other IAF selection boards at Dehradun and Varanasi soon.

Why do we need CPSS Test

  • The IAF chief said, “Only the best of the best can fully utilize the potential of the ultra-modern technology being inducted into IAF to establish it as a power to reckon with in South East Asia.
  • Fifth generation fighter planes would place tremendous physical and mental workload on pilots and system operators and only the best will be allowed to occupy these cockpits. CPSS, is a concrete step in the right direction towards meeting these objectives.
  • CPSS was intended to address the IAF’s long-standing demand for a scientific selection system on par with advanced nations, which can screen pilot aspirants to meet the demands of the latest aircraft.

It has 2 parts.
1. 1st there will be a MCQ test. They will first give you instructions how to read 6 kind of dials present in an aircraft, based on that there will be a number of MCQ tests which include dial reading questions along with IQ, pattern matching, basic maths, tests (around 15 small quizzes in total). It is fairly simple and anyone with basic school level physics knowledge will clear it.

2. After the 1st test you will be made to sit in a CPSS machine which is like a cockpit with a joystick, pedals and a lever (like in an aircraft) with a screen in front of you. You will be made to play a number of games similar to a video game with joystick and you have to get a certain score in all games combined to clear this test. Anyone who drives or has played videogames can clear this one easily. You just need hand leg coordination. You get 3 chances in each game and your best score is taken out of the 3, so if you mess up in the 1st attempt you can make up for it in the other 2 attempts

The CPSS test is simple. Elaborate instructions are given before commencement of both these test so there will be no confusion. So dont worry, you should focus more on the SSB part as that is the main challenge.

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