Current Affairs 16-08-2018

  1. Which Bollywood personality has become the brand ambassador for Government of India (GoI)’s road safety awareness campaign?

[A] Amitabh Bachchan
[B] Anushka Sharma
[C] Deepika Padukone
[D] Akshay Kumar

  1. NITI Aayog has launched which mobility pitch competition for budding startups in the mobility field?

[A] Pitch to Mob
[B] Pitch to Move
[C] Pitch to Start
[D] Pitch to Gear

  1. Who has been appointed India’s new ambassador to Russia?

[A] Partha Satpathy
[B] Swetanshu Bora
[C] Pankaj Saran
[D] D Bala Venkatesh Varma

  1. Which Indian personality has been ranked first in the Kotak Wealth Hurun-Leading Wealthy Women 2018 list?

[A] Smitha V. Crishna
[B] Roshni Nadar
[C] Indu Jain
[D] Leena Gandhi Tewari

  1. Which Indian sportsperson has won the Community Award in the Junior NBA World Basketball Championship 2018?

[A] Ajmer Singh
[B] Sunishka Kartik
[C] Satnam Singh Bhamara
[D] Geethu Anna Jose

  1. The Postal Highway Project, for which Government of India (GoI) is providing financial support, is located in which country?

[A] Afghanistan
[B] Myanmar
[C] Nepal
[D] Sri Lanka

  1. Who has been appointed the head coach of the Indian Women’s National Cricket team?

[A] Madan Lal
[B] Gundappa Viswanath
[C] Ramesh Powar
[D] Sanjay Bangar

  1. Which state government has decided to observe September as the “month of nutrition” to create awareness among people living in the state?

[A] Assam
[B] Rajasthan
[C] Uttar Pradesh
[D] Odisha

  1. Chemmanam Chacko, who passed away recently, was noted poet of which language?

[A] Malayalam
[B] Tamil
[C] Telugu
[D] Odia

  1. Which state government has launched the eye care scheme ‘Kanti Velugu’ on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day 2018?

[A] Andhra Pradesh
[B] Karnataka
[C] Telangana
[D] Tamil Nadu



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