Current Affairs 21-08-2018

  1. The International team of scientists has recently cracked the genetic code of which cultivated crop for the first time?

[A] Wheat
[B] Rice
[C] Maize
[D] Pulses

  1. At the 2018 World Hindi Conference (WHC), the Panini Language Laboratory has been gifted by Government of India (GoI) to which country?

[A] Maldives
[B] South Africa
[C] Australia
[D] Mauritius

  1. Which Indian sportsperson has clinched India’s first Gold in the 18th Jakarta Asian Games 2018?

[A] Mary Kom
[B] Bajrang Punia
[C] Apurvi Chandela
[D] Neeraj Chopra

  1. Kofi Annan was from which African country?

[A] Ghana
[B] Morocco
[C] Nigeria
[D] South Africa

  1. What is the scientific name of the deadly agricultural pest “Fall Armyworm”, which has been spotted in Telangana?

[A] Chortoicetes terminifera
[B] Heteronychus arator
[C] Spodoptera frugiperda
[D] Mythimna convecta

  1. FSSAI has constituted which expert committee to look into draft of Food Safety and Standards (Labelling and Display) Regulations 2018?

[A] P K Agarwal committee
[B] B Sesikeran committee
[C] Hemalatha committee
[D] Nikhil Tandon committee

  1. On which date, the 2018 World Photography Day (WPD) was observed recently?

[A] August 17
[B] August 19
[C] August 18
[D] August 20

  1. Which of the following is the 2018 World Humanitarian Day (WHD) theme?

[A] #ShareHumanity
[B] #ImpossibleChoices
[C] #OneHumanity
[D] #NotATarget

  1. The Union Government has proposed to set up which committee to suggest changes to the JEE (Advanced) examination?

[A] Kannan Moudgalya committee
[B] Abhay Karandikar committee
[C] Vineet Joshi committee
[D] Bhaskar Ramamurthy committee

  1. The Amnesty International India has launched which campaign to create awareness among children to identify sexual abuse?

[A] Save Child, Save Future
[B] Our Safety, Our Rights
[C] Goals Set
[D] Safety is in Your Hands


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