Current Affairs 3-07-2018

1.Which Indian cricketer has recently inducted into ICC Cricket Hall Of Fame?

[A] SachinTendulkar
[B] SauravGanguly
[C] V V S Laxman
[D] Rahul Dravid

2.As per US State Department’s 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report, which country has been tagged “worst human trafficking nation”?

[A] Iraq
[B] Pakistan
[C] North Korea
[D] Myanmar

3.NITIAayog has partnered with GNFC Ltd. to implement fertiliser subsidy disbursement through which technology?

[A] Internet of Things
[B] Blockchain
[C] Cryptocurrency
[D] Counterparty

4.The first-ever UN’s International Day of Parliamentarism is celebrated on which date?

[A] June 30
[B] June 26
[C] June 25
[D] June 29

5.Which Indian journalist has become the new president of Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA)?

[A] PrannoyRoy
[B] SudhirChaudhary
[C] Rajat Sharma
[D] Vikram Chandra

6.Which country’s team has won the 2018 Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy?

[A] Belgium
[B] Argentina
[C] Australia
[D] India

7.Who has been conferred with the National KalidasSamman in visual arts by the Madhya Pradesh government?

[A] KalamandalamGopi
[B] AnjolieElaMenon
[C] SatishGujral
[D] PuttarajGavai

8.Which of the following is the world’s first medicine made from marijuana that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration ?

[A] Aconite
[B] Epidiolex
[C] Nux Vomica
[D] Calendula

9.The International Asteroid Day (IAD) is observed on which date?

[A] June 27
[B] June 30
[C] June 28
[D] June 29

10.Who will chair the first meeting of the Cauvery Water Management Authority (CWMA)?

[A] Kavindra H Dholakia
[B] SuryanathUpadhyay
[C] Bhagat Singh Koshyari
[D] S MasoodHussain

  1. Amalgam’ is a term used for an alloy of a metal with :

[A] Copper
[B] Mercury
[C] Lead
[D] Aluminium

  1. L.P.G. is a hydrocarbon consisting of a mixture of :

[A] Methane and Butane
[B] Propane and Butane
[C] Ethane and Propane
[D] Ethane and Butane

  1. Which among the following was first human-made plastic?

[A] Bakelite
[B] Polyethene
[C] Celluloid
[D] Nylon

  1. Which date is observed “International Anti-Corruption Day”?

[A] October 1
[B] December 9
[C] January 17
[D] February 22

  1. World Health Day is celebrated every year on:

[A] April 5th
[B] April 7th
[C] June 1st
[D] June 7th







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