SSC Exam Preparation

To crack SSC exams, aspirants to need to have an intact preparation strategy. They should start by knowing the SSC exam syllabus in and out than studying the pattern, followed by starting practicing via trusted study material. To know weaknesses and strengths, one must solve a maximum number of online mock tests for SSC and then start focusing on the weak areas. Time management and precision are two key factors that one should keep in mind while preparing for SSC Exams 2019. Gear up and start your exam preparation now!

SSC Exam Preparation


Pattern and syllabus of exam:

The first and the most important step for preparation of not just SSC exam but any exam is to know about the pattern and syllabus of the exam, then only you will prepare according to that, and then only you will be able to know how much time you would have to give to each section and then prepare according to that.

Paper mode:

As you all know now SSC conducts its exam in online mode so be aware of that and try to practice paper online, because it will make you familiar with the computer and other stuff regarding how to mark answers and how to reach next question and all other stuff.

Strengths and weakness:

Know about your strength and weakness and prepare according to that, prepare well on the topics you are less familiar and give extra time to it, and also give some time to the topics of your strengths.

Study material:

After you have taken a look at the SSC pattern, it’s time to take a look at books for SSC exams so that you will come up with the best questions, examples and previous year papers. The best strategy starts with choosing the best books for SSC exam because in these books you will get all types of questions that are coming regularly in SSC exam and you will also able to know about the tricks to attempt the questions.

Time Management:

To crack the exam in very first attempt you must know the importance of time management. Solving questions is not a difficult take but solving the question in that time interval is what makes the exam more difficult to crack. So to crack SSC exam in the first attempt make proper time table. Manage time for each section according to your strength and weakness. Give more time to your weakness and a little bit less time to your strengths.

Practice paper:

Try to solve as much of practice paper as much as you can, as it will make you aware of the type of questions that are frequently coming and also increases your speed. And as we all know SSC repeats some of the questions, so practicing previous year paper will help you.


Confidence is the first step towards success, so be confident at the time of the exam. Don’t get depressed by one or two questions you are not able to answer instead focus on the questions you know well because some questions will be always there that are not easy to solve.


Try to be an adaptable person and change quickly according to the situation, sometimes the sections you know well are going to be tuff, and the sections you don’t have much command are going to be easy. So don’t panic and adapt yourself according to that.


Revision is the most important phase of preparation, many students don’t find time for revision and that is where they make a big mistake. They should know the importance of revision. Revision helps them to remember all the topics they have prepared, if the syllabus that they have studied is not properly revised then they may find it hard to solve questions in the exam.


Too much preference to individual section:

The biggest mistake that most of the candidate make is giving too much preference to some section. They have to know that each section carry equal marks and you have to score in each section to crack the exam

Remembering only short tricks:

Another mistake that many candidates make is that they rely too much on a short track, and ignore the basics of that topic and when in the exam the question is modified they fail to answer, so learn the short trick but don’t ignore the basics of that topic.

Practicing offline:

Many students practice only offline and thus they find it hard to deal with technical stuff at the time of the exam.

Not making short notes:

Making short notes of short tricks, formulas, English rules, and some general awareness will help you to revise in very less time, prepare short note according to your strengths and weakness.

Now I think you all are aware of the TIPS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW TO CRACK SSC EXAM IN FIRST ATTEMPT, so remember these tips and start your preparation.

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