NDA 2016 Exam Syllabus NDA 2018 Exam Syllabus – NDA Exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).  You can apply for NDA 2018 exam by online. According to NDA 2018 Notification that you can apply for NDA Exam form 6th June 2018 & last date to apply online is 2nd July 2018  And, the NDA exam will be contacted on 9th September 2018. So guys are ready for NDA 2018 exam. In this article, we are sharing NDA 2018 exam Syllabus.

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NDA (Nation Defence Academy) Syllabus

NDA Exam has two sections:

  1. Mathematics
  2. General Ability

MATHEMATICS (Maximum Marks 300)

  • Algebra: Concept of a set, Venn diagrams. , De Morgan laws.  Cartesian product, relation, Complex numbers, the Binary system of numbers, Conversion of a number in decimal system to binary system and vice-versa.
  1. Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic progressions.
  2. Quadratic equations with real coefficients.
  3. Linear equation, Permutation and Combination
  • Matrices and Determinants:
  1. Types of matrices, operations on matrices Determinant of a matrix,
  2. Basic properties of a determinant.
  3. Adjoint and inverse of a square matrix,
  4. Cramer’s rule by Matrix Method.
  • Trigonometry:
  1. Angles and their measures in degrees and in radians.
  2. Trigonometrical ratios.
  3. Inverse trigonometric functions.
  • Analytical Geometry of two and three dimensions:

Differential Calculus:

  1. The concept of a real-valued function – domain, range, and a graph of a function.  Composite functions and inverse functions.
  2. Notion of limit, Standard limits – examples.
  3. Continuity of functions
  4. Derivations
  • Integral Calculus and Differential equations:
  1. Integration as inverse of differentiation, integration by substitution and by parts,
  2. Algebraic expressions, trigonometric, exponential and hyperbolic functions.
  3. Evaluation of definite integrals – determination of areas of plane regions bounded by curves – applications.
  • Vector Algebra: 
  1. Vectors in two and three dimensions, magnitude and direction of a vector.
  2. Unit and null vectors, the addition of vectors, scalar multiplication of a vector, scalar product or dot product of two vectors.
  3.  Vector product and cross product of two vectors.
  • Statistics and Probability:

Statistics:  Classification of data, Frequency distribution, cumulative frequency distribution – examples

  1. Graphical representation – Histogram, Pie Chart, Frequency Polygon – examples.  Measures of Central tendency – mean, median and mode.
  2. Variance and standard deviation – determination and comparison.  Correlation and regression.

Probability: Random experiment, outcomes and associated sample space, events, mutually exclusive and exhaustive events, impossible and certain events.

  1. Union and Intersection of events.  Complementary, elementary and composite events.
  2. Definition of probability – classical and statistical – examples.
  3. Elementary theorems on probability – simple problems.  Conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem – simple problems.


Part ‘A’ – ENGLISH (Maximum Marks 200): This question paper is designed in English to test the candidate’s English skills. Grammar and usage, vocabulary, comprehension, and cohesion are used to test the candidate’s proficiency in English.

 Part ‘B’ – GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (Maximum Marks 400): The question paper will consist of current affairs questions

NDA written exam syllabus includes subjects like History, Polity, Economics, Maths, Geography, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Current Affairs, GK, English etc.


UPSC declares the result of NDA written exam in 3-4 months after the written exam. The same can be viewed on the UPSC website.

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